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Portfolio Category: Social Media Campaigns

Glow by Kirtilal- Advertising photography by Silhouette India

Silhouette India offers expert product photography in Mysore, utilizing Hasselblad cameras for precise, vibrant images. Specializing in j...

Glow By Kirtilals

**Launch Campaign for Glow by Kirtilal’s**

Silhouette India is thrilled to unveil the launch campaign we shot for Glow by Kirtilal’s, ...

Global Campaign for Kirtilal's US Market

Silhouette India proudly presents our recent global campaign for Kirtilal's, tailored specifically for their US market. This project aime...

Ocean Palms

Shoot with Quality Inn Ocean Palms**

Silhouette India recently had the privilege of shooting for Quality Inn Ocean Palms for the secon...

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